Vantage Asset Management provides innovative and well structured private equity investment opportunities for Sophisticated Investors, Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applicants, SMSF’s, Family Offices, Charitable Foundations, Pension Funds, Institutions and Endowments.

In October 2021, Vantage opened Vantage Private Equity Growth 5 (VPEG5) to new investors.

VPEG5 is a Private Equity Fund of Funds established to provide Sophisticated Investors with access to the returns generated by the top performing Later Expansion and Buyout, Private Equity Funds in Australia.

VPEG5 is also specifically tailored to comply with Australian legislation for Subclass 188B and 188C Visa applicants, which require mandatory investment into the Venture Capital or Growth Private Equity funds (VCPE) segment in Australia.

To learn more about VPEG5, please contact the Vantage Investor Services team to request a copy of the Information Memorandum.

Each fund within the “Vantage Private Equity Growth” series follows the same successful investment strategy of Vantage’s previous funds, which include Vantage Private Equity Growth Limited (VPEG), Vantage Private Equity Growth 2 (VPEG2), Vantage Private Equity Growth 3 (VPEG3) and Vantage Private Equity Growth 4 (VPEG4)

At 30 June 2021, Vantage’s Private Equity funds had achieved 2.7 X return on invested capital from the 64 portfolio companies sold from its underlying portfolio, representing an average gross Internal Rate of Return of 33.0% p.a.

If you are a Sophisticated Investor, a (S)IV applicant or advisor and would like to receive information on VPEG5 or any other investment opportunity that Vantage has structured, please provide your contact details to [email protected].

You will then be included on the mail list with information about VPEG5 or any other future private equity investment opportunities that we establish.

To invest in VPEG5 please request further information by contacting the Vantage Investor Services team

Definition of Sophisticated Investor:
According to the Australian Financial Services Reform Act a “sophisticated” investor is defined by assessing whether an entity or the transaction the entity is entering into, meets one or more of the following tests - Large transaction (AUD500,000 or more) - Large business (number of employees exceed 100 if the business is or includes the manufacture of goods or 20 people in all other cases) - Personal net assets of $2.5 million or a person who had a gross income for each of the last two financial years of $250,000 or more - Professional investors such as financial service professionals, listed entities, banks and friendly societies