Maximilian Tobin

B.COM., B.BUS. / Investment Manager

Maximilian reports to the Managing Director, Director and Investment Committee of Vantage and is responsible for the analysis and reporting of Vantage’s underlying investments on an ongoing basis.

Maximilian conducts the assessment of the potential Private Equity investment opportunities with the development and execution of investment submission presentations to the Investment Committee for new underlying investments.

Maximilian assist’s Vantage entities with the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of underlying investments. Maximilian’s role includes; the monitoring and distribution of each Vantage Fund’s monthly, quarterly and annual financial and investor reports, preparation of Board presentations and Investment Committee reports for each fund entity. Maximilian also  supports  Vantage entities with the delivery of day-to-day operations with focus on delivering  best practice enterprise wide  services including marketing, human resources and office administrative duties.

Maximilian holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Griffith University (Australia).