Vantage develops and manages innovative and well structured, institutional grade, private equity investment funds for Institutional Investors, Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applicants, Sophisticated Investors and High Net Worth Individuals.

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Van.tage, ‘van-tij’ (noun);

A position condition or situation that leads to superiority or advantage


Vantage managed Funds delivered a strong return to investors across the financial year ended 30 June 2021 (FY21) as a result of the continued growth in value of companies across the portfolios and a number of company exits from each Fund.

This growth in portfolio value, combined with the realisation (sale) of six companies from the portfolio, contributed to deliver Vantage Private Equity Growth 2 (VPEG2) investors a strong return across FY21, with VPEG2A and VPEG2B each increasing in value by 55.3% and 57.0% respectively across the year. As a result, VPEG2A and VPEG2B have now delivered a net of fees return to investors of 20.9% p.a. and 13.9% p.a. respectively, since final close in May 2015.

Vantage Private Equity Growth 3 (VPEG3) also increased in value across FY21 with the sale of three companies from its portfolio contributing to its strong investor returns. As a result, VPEG3 delivered a total investor return of 56.9% across the 2021 financial year and has now delivered a net of fees return of 23.0% p.a. since its final close in January 2019.

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Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) No. 279186

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