Vantage Asset Management’s Corporate Advisory business occupies a unique position as an independent specialist advisory group offering advice on strategy, structure, value and capital. Our corporate advisory services include the provision of advice on:
Business Strategy

Corporate entities seeking capital for growth need to demonstrate to funding sources that their business is capable of generating growing cash flows to service their proposed future debt or equity obligations. A critical component in demonstrating this capability is a clearly defined business strategy.

Tailoring the right business strategy or vision involves identifying the attributes and core competencies of the business and expressing how they best combine to create a competitive advantage for the business in its chosen markets.

Vantage’s approach to business strategy is hypothesis driven and highly results oriented. We can assist with the development of the overall corporate or business unit strategy or in identifying and articulating product and marketing strategies to enhance growth and value.

Once a robust strategy is developed, Vantage can also assist with the articulation of this strategy into a business plan and the compilation of detailed financial projections each of which will be required to raise the capital required to achieve growth goals.


Growth by acquisition is a critical component of most corporate strategies. Vantage works with corporate acquirers and entrepreneurs to find value creating acquisition opportunities.

We initially develop an acquisition strategy that is in line with our clients objectives. We identify, contact, and gain access to companies that aren’t necessarily for sale but can be purchased on reasonable terms.

We initiate discussions, obtain information, structure and negotiate terms, co-ordinate the due diligence and manage the acquisition process through to completion.

By managing the acquisition process, we allow our clients to focus on closing and integrating acquisitions.


With divestments, we work closely with our clients to provide strategic advice and assistance from inception to completion of the transaction. We will co-ordinate and control the sale process, freeing client management to continue to operate their business with the minimum of disruption.

We initially develop a sale strategy by identifying the client entities competitive position within its industry and market sector and we plan the timeframe for the divestment to ensure it is in line with corporate objectives.

Next we undertake to identify potential acquirers by researching the market, preparing an initial target list and developing a timetable of approaches. At the same time we prepare a confidential sale memorandum and flyer. After initial contact we send the flyer to the target list, collate replies and confidentially send the Sale Memorandum. We then obtain indicative offers and prepare a shortlist of serious purchasers for negotiations.

Finally we conduct negotiations, identify the preferred buyer, agree to Heads of Agreements, co-ordinate professional advisors, enter exclusivity period and “due diligence” and manage the transaction through to completion.

By managing the divestment process, we allow our clients to focus on continuing to run their businesses as normal ensuring that there is no reduction in the value of the business prior to the divestment.

Capital Raisings

Procuring capital for growth, acquisitions, shareholder liquidity or debt refinancing, requires transaction experience, industry knowledge, relationships with and access to capital sources and superior execution. Vantage works closely with clients to understand their capital needs and develop an appropriate financing plan to meet their objectives.

We can achieve clients’ goals because we have built strong relationships with active investment groups, financial institutions and sophisticated investors and we know the funding providers that are constantly looking for opportunities to put their capital to work. We understand each capital source’s area of focus, how they value companies and most importantly, we know their track record for closing deals.

Whether the process involves raising additional equity or debt to provide liquidity to existing owners, or raising growth capital for the business, our clients can rely on our experience and relationships with investors to achieve their objectives.

We have the ability to offer independent, objective advice and can negotiate transactions on behalf of clients as well as identifying and securing funding from the debt and equity markets. Our independence from debt and equity providers allows us to avoid the conflicts of interest inherent in full-service organisations and banks.