Vantage provides monthly performance information

Vantage provides monthly performance information

Each underlying Private Equity fund commitment or direct co-investment made by VPEG 6 will be valued on a monthly basis in accordance with the International Private Equity Investment Valuation Guidelines, endorsed by the Australian Investment Council (AIC).

As a result, each underlying private equity investment held by each VPEG 6 entity is valued monthly, with individual company investments valued on a multiple of earnings basis, with all valuations independently audited at least annually and often more frequently. VPEG 6’s monthly valuations therefore represent a transparent summary of the performance of its underlying portfolio.

Over time and during the term of the Fund, Capital Calls will be made by Vantage to each Investor with the Called Funds applied towards meeting the call payment obligations for each Underlying Private Equity Investment of the Fund.

As each Capital Call is paid by an Investor, or drawn from the cash management trust, to the Fund, the Paid Capital of each Investor increases such that the Paid Capital is equal to the aggregate of Called Capital less any distributions paid by the Fund to Investors.

Performance information can be accessed via the Investor Portal below.